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We all understand film editing, right? I doubt there is anyone who has come to the IFA website who doesn’t feel at least somewhat confident that they can take footage and put together a feature or short. After all, there is a screenplay. The shots are hopefully numbered. So all that’s left for the editor is to stitch it together…Right? Well, if you think that, then you really have no understanding of the editing process. In fact, the editor has as much to do with the effectiveness of a film as the writer or director. Why? Because no matter how good the director is, the footage that they shoot will almost never be exactly what they envisioned, and even if it is, it is the job of the editor to be the film’s first audience. To figure out what works and what needs to be cut. To make sure we don’t notice the edits. To make sure the story is being told in the best way possible. It’s no small task and requires a true dedication to the craft.

As many of you know, I’m making my first short film (Nibble) and so during each part of the process from preproduction to now post production I have tried to surround myself with advice from experts. The following videos represent some of my favorite learning resources for editing. In addition to these videos, I have also found a number of other resources very helpful, namely, In The Blink of an Eye by Walter Murch and This Guy Edits from Sven Pape.

I’m a huge fan of Rocket Jump Film School. This is probably one of the best, and most fun videos about cuts and transitions.

My friend Simon Cade over at DSLR Shooter has put together a wonderful video full of tips on editing a short film.

A fun little history of editing.

Make sure to check out all of Sven’s videos.

Learning from the masters

Alfred Hitchcock on 3 Theories of Film Editing

Walter Murch’s Rule of 6

Now, take a break and have some fun.







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