5 Rules to Create a Movie Monster with Guillermo Del Toro

There is really no one in the modern era who has created such astounding original creatures a Guillermo Del Toro. During his promotional tour for Pacific Rim, he shared some rare insight into his process for creating a monster. According to Del Toro, there are 5 main rules.

The worst thing you can do in any design is to sculpt or design a frown. That’s a very very common mistake. Because then the creature has one expression. Angry.

How do you design a monster?


Rule 1: Silhouette
(The Sillhouette) needs to immediately tell you the creature’s gate. What the figure’s intention is.


Rule 2: Detail
Don’t make you creature perpetually angry and pile a lot of detail on it. Make it look natural. Imagine the creature in repose.


Rule 3: Color
Color should tell you about the character. How strong they are or where they come from.

Rule 4: Movement
Movement will tell you what the creatures intention is.


Rule 5: Never reference another creature.
You should never say I want a monster like the monster in “that” movie.


All images from Guillermo Del Toro’s Book Cabinet of Curiosities


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