Alejandro Iñárritu: Directing Actors From Amores Perros to The Revenant

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For aspiring filmmakers, the fact that Alejandro Iñárritu has gone from one amazing film to another so quickly is a bit intimidating. After winning multiple Oscars for Birdman, he jumped right back into another greuling project with this year’s The Revenant starring Leonardo Dicaprio. Aside from his obvious genius, another great thing about Iñárritu is his generosity when it comes to sharing his directing process.

Directing The Revenant


Directing Birdman

When I was in film school, we would all sit around and discuss topics like which film had the best long take. Usually there would be an argument between those who loved Scorsese’s long take in Goodfellas, or Welles’s long take in Touch of Evil. Or some might mention that Hitchcock’s Rope was supposed to be one long take. But now there really is no competition. On it’s own, Birdman would already be an amazing film. For many of who grew up watching Michael Keaton in the 80’s, we’ve been waiting desperately for him to get the kind of roles he deserves. So Birdman is basically a wish come true on many fronts.


Directing Babel



Directing Biutiful

From beginning to end, Javier Bardem’s performance and Inarritu’s direction are emotionally overwhelming. One of the best documentaries on directing is on the special features of the Buitiful DVD, unfortunately I couldn’t find that so here’s the man himself discussing directing for this amazing film.


Directing Amores Perros

The first time I heard of Alejandro Inarritu was back in 2000. I was back at home and trying to learn a little Spanish. I knew next to nothing about Mexican filmmaking, but there was a film that was making a big impression internationally. I was completely blown away by Amores Perros. Not only was it one of the most emotionally engaging films I had ever seen, but the direction on ever level was handled with a true mastery.




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