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I’m obsessed with Steven Spielberg, especially anything from the early 80’s. That’s why this documentary was a jackpot. I’m assuming Spielberg was in his early 30’s when a Japanese television crew came to do a story on the young director. Maybe it was because Spielberg thought nobody in the U.S. would ever see it or an attempt on Spielberg’s part to be diplomatic, but for one reason or another the thing that really sticks out is how much access the film crew had to Spielberg and how candid he was discussing his private life. In the end, truly unique feeling this odd little piece of history leaves you with is, despite his genius, Steven Spielberg was still just a guy in his 30’s trying to make his way through life. There is, in fact, a moment where you almost feel sorry for a man who seems to have very little personal life and longs for family. It’s not surprising, soon after this documentary, Spielberg married his first wife Amy Irving.

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