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Back in 1999, when I lived not too far from the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, there was a showing of the film Lawrence of Arabia in it’s original 70mm format. In those days, we didn’t have HD or giant flat screen tv’s so the only way I could watch LOA was on VHS Tape on a large Sony Trinitron Monitor. To add insult to injury, to get the full frame of the film, you had to watch with giant black bars on the top and bottom of the screen, making the film damn near microscopic.

So, when the film started in full 70mm, I realized, I had never actually seen Lawrence of Arabia. It was, and remains one of the most thrilling film going experiences I have ever had. David Lean was a director on another level and over the years I have tried to see all of his major films in a theater. Aside form the obvious scope of his films, the one main thing I get from Lean over any other filmmaker is his vision. The images from his films are incredible. It is easy to tell how his work influenced the generation that followed.

I am thrilled to be able to bring you this documentary, which grants the filmmakers unprecedented access to Lean on the set of his film “A Passage To India”. He not only talks through his process as he directs some of the key scenes, but we also get some wonderful insights into Lean’s earlier work.

Some of David Lean’s Greatest Films.


Another great documentary about David Lean on the set of Ryan’s Daughter.


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