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I recently came across Anatomy of Chaos‘s essay on Character. I was completely blown away so I wanted to share this with our audience. In the essay AOC discusses what character is as it relates to the Rites of Passage. The rite of passage is broken up into 3 parts, very similar to what we consider the 3 act structure. In the first stage, the character is taken out of the world they are accustomed to. In the second, they must adapt to another world, learn new skills, and leave behind their old selves. Finally, they return to their old world as a different person, forever changed by those experiences. If it sounds familiar, it’s almost identical to what we commonly refer to as the Hero’s Journey.

This is just one of many points made in this amazing video, so I highly suggest you take the time and watch. In my case I had to watch a few times just to get all the information.



Table of Contents:
Story is a Ritual 0:17
Stages of Rites of Passage 1:02
Character is Artificial Intelligence 1:52
Conscious & Unconscious 2:17
Meaning From Conflict 2:46
Theme 3:26
Character Arc 4:16
Conscious Desire 5:02
Unconscious Drive 6:57
Achilles Heel 7:56
Moral Imperative 8:25
Inner Conflict 8:54
Character Arc Animated 9:18
Character Analysis 9:53
Kung Fu Panda – Po 9:58
Breaking Bad – Walter White 10:35
The Royal Tenenbaums – Royal Tenenbaum 11:24
There Will Be Blood – Daniel Plainview 11:53
Prophet Margin – Tommy Knox 12:22
Arcs Optional 12:42
Conclusion 13:15

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