IFA #17: Sell Your Screenplay Using Inktip with Jarrol Lebaron


Sell Your Screenplay Using Inktip with Jarrol Lebaron

Screenwriters who would like to get their screenplays in front of producers, this episode is for you.  Today I talk with Intip founder Jerrol Lebaron about his service which links producers with scripts. This is a wonderful link for filmmakers to really pay attention to. Inktip, along with The Blacklist, are setting a trend that is likely to grow in the coming years. Producers are desperate to find good screenplays and Inktip makes the process much easier. A number of producers I have spoken with have also mentioned using inktip to mine the latest undiscovered screenwriters.

For more information go to www.inktip.com

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  • Rainewheat@gmail.com'/
    Raine Wheat

    This was a great talk. Loved Lebaron’s tip about being persistent on networking and promoting yourself. To me, being able to step outside of your shell, promote yourself and connect with others is a hard thing to learn for anyone who wasn’t born to parents successful in sales. Talks like these are really helpful in instilling the lesson. I also loved the insight about writing your passion so when the next trend comes around you’re prepared. I’m working on a blog article about this, and I’m going to edit it to include some information from this talk.

    • hello@indiefilmacademy.com'/
      Jason Buff

      Thanks, I’m glad you liked it!

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