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Storytelling has been around since the dawn of mankind. Long before there were books, information about who we are and where we come from were told by tribal elders. Many of these stories would focus around teaching a lesson or explaining an aspect of the human condition. As so it is that over the years we have continued this tradition of storytelling. It has taken on many forms. From books to films and television, we use stories to understand the world around us.

Once we understand the context of the storytelling, the next step is to recognize that the themes and characters of the earliest stories have also been passed down through the generations. Although writers have found many great ways to present those themes in new ways, at the core of those themes and characters is a truth that has been talked about for thousands of years.

One need go no further than the classics of Greek Mythology or The Bible to see these stories in action. Let’s take Kane and Abel and the theme of betrayal. Fast forward to the end of The Godfather 2. Or the story of Pygmalion, where a sculptor falls in love with the statue he makes. There is the story of a man creating what he desires in some sort of alternative form. Just look at My Fair Lady, Mannequin, Frankenstein, or Weird Science. These are all stories with a basis in this long tradition.

Check out this video from WatchMojo.com to see some great examples of the Pygmalion theme.

On today’s episode I had a wonderful time talking with Pamela Jaye Smith. Pamela is an expert in the way storytellers can tap into this ancient form of storytelling. To learn more about Pamela, visit her website: www.pamelajayesmith.net

For those who want to take it to the next level.


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