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Imagine, almost on a whim, you decided to make a short film for a horror competition. Really just as a way to motivate yourself to create content. You enter the competition, and not only won “Best Director”… but your film becomes a huge viral sensation. As the buzz grows and as hundreds of thousands of people share your video, you start to get phone calls from agents and managers in Los Angeles. Fast forward a few months and you are now sitting in an office with an offer to direct the feature film version of your film, produced by none other than James Wan.

It seems like a total fantasy, but this is more or less what happened to David F. Sandberg starting in 2013 with his short Lights Out. On today’s episode I catch up with David and we talk about his journey as well as how it feels to go from making a no budget short with just him and his wife Lotta, to making a 5 million dollar studio film for New Line and how he is approaching his next film Annabelle 2.

Listen to our interview on YouTube:

You can see all of David’s Videos here.

Horro Film Masterclass with David F. Sandberg

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