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About 3 years ago, while I was in the middle of trying to produce my first feature, I started listening to a podcast called Film Method. Hosted by Cindy Freeman and Jenna Edwards, I was blown away at the format of the show. The show focused on aspects of filmmaking you don’t often hear about, like the legal advice or working with a sound designer. Unfortunately, they stopped doing the show a number of years ago. But years later, when I decided to do my own podcast, I took Film Method as the model with the goal of helping other filmmakers as much as they had helped me.

With that being said, it’s my pleasure to welcome Jenna Edwards to the show. Jenna really knows her stuff when it comes to producing independent features. As she discusses in this episode, one of the key things for producers to understand is that you have to be creative about everything from funding to shooting to marketing & distribution.

Jenna offers programs to teach producing at her website. www.indiemoviemastery.com or she can also be contacted regarding producing/consulting for independent features on www.jennaedwardsmedia.com.

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Jenna Edwards is an award-winning speaker, writer and media producer who uses her experience with overcoming PTSD as well as a myriad of other situations to empower others.

In addition to inspiring and educating the next generation of creatives through teaching, previously at New York Film Academy and currently through a series of online and in person courses and workshops, she was also the host of her own radio show, “Create Your Life” and co-host of the Movie Maker Magazine top ranked podcast, “Film Method.”

Jenna is passionate about helping others create the lives of their dreams. She is a public speaker and the president of her Toastmasters Club (Empowered Business Professionals) and has been an active volunteer at various non-profit organizations since her youth. She currently sits on the board of The Miracle League – Los Angeles.

Originally from Minnesota, Jenna now lives in Burbank, CA with her husband and their “fur babies.”


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