IFA #6: Crowdfunding with Indiegogo w/ John T. Trigonis


John T. Trigonis, Film Campaign Strategist at Indiegogo, discusses strategies for making sure you’re film’s crowdfunding campaign is successful. Also, indiegogo vs kickstarter. Who wins and why?

More about John:

I’m a published poet, writer, and storyteller, independent filmmaker, and author of Crowdfunding for Filmmakers: The Way to a Successful Film Campaign. Raised right on coffee, comics, and red wine.


A book about crowdfunding? Specifically for filmmakers?
As a crowdfunding success story myself –– raising $6,300 to make my award-winning short film Cerise –– I’ve realized that most filmmakers don’t consider themselves crowdfunders, never mind entrepreneurs, and therefore rarely take the time to research other campaign strategies like I had done. Instead, they navigate this brave new landscape blindfolded with only a hope and a dream. That’s why Crowdfunding for Filmmakers: The Way to a Successful Film Campaign will be an invaluable tool to ensure a triumphant climax to a rigorous crowdfunding campaign.

So what’s the book about?
Crowdfunding for Filmmakers
centers around offering practical information, tips, and tactics about how to launch a successful film campaign by going with the flow of traditional models of fundraising, utilizing today’s technological and social innovations, and augmenting each with an added personal touch. The book examines various ways to meet and exceed one’s crowdfunding goal through chapters that home in on team building, audience outreach, and crowdfunder etiquette, along with a section containing case studies from successful film campaigns, as well as a few unsuccessful ones and what they could’ve done to remedy their unfavorable outcomes.

From:  http://www.johntrigonis.com

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