IFA#28: Studio Insider and Pitching Coach Stephanie Palmer

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IFA#28: Studio Insider and Pitching Coach Stephanie Palmer

There is no better way to learn how the studio system works than talking to someone who used to be in the center of it all. Stephanie Palmer worked in the studio system for years starting as an intern on Titanic and quickly working her way up through the ranks. She worked for Jerry Brukheimer and was privy to many of the inside dealings that went on there over the years and later worked as a development executive for MGM.

Stephanie left the studios to focus on her coaching program, goodinaroom.com. She teaches professionals from all walks of life how to pitch ideas in high stress situations. Stephanie knows her stuff because she’s been in the room during some of the biggest pitches of all time.

Click here or on the book to learn how to order Good In A Room.

Good in a Room book hardcover

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Good in a Room by Stephanie Palmer book press

Here’s more about Stephanie from her website:

I’m Stephanie Palmer, former MGM Pictures executive and best-selling author of Good in a Room, featured by NBC, ABC, CBS, Los Angeles Times, NPR, Variety, and many more.

Why do so many media outlets feature my work? Because I’ve helped thousands of people to get meetings, pitch effectively, find agents, and sell their work.

  • Heard 3000+ pitches
  • Hired 100+ writers
  • Oscar/Emmy Award-Winning Clients


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