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In the last 10 years, Adam McKay has primarily been known for his comedies with Will Farrell. While his films such as Anchorman, Step Brothers, and The Other Guys are hilarious, McKay has rarely demonstrated his true mastery for direction as with The Big Short. A film based on a book about the financial crisis of 2008, you could hardly pick a more depressing and unfunny topic. However, according to McKay, it was a project he not only wanted to do, but was almost posessed with the obsession to create this film.

For those of us who have seen The Big Short, you will no doubt have noticed something unique about a film based on the stock market. It is really funny. To demonstrate, just watch this scene as Ryan Gosling tries to demonstrate why the Subprime Loan Market was about to fail using the game “Jenga”.

Since Adam is primarily a comic writer/director, there aren’t a whole lot of videos of him discussing craft. Here are a few of the best videos of McKay talking about directing The Big Short and the way he works.

Breaking down a scene. This series of videos from the New York Times is brilliant.

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Adam McKay on comedy in film.

I’m going to assume almost everyone has seen Anchorman, but if you haven’t….here’s the scene McKay is describing.

On Pitching Comedies.

On Colbert, just because…

Hilarious interview with Adam McKay and Will Ferrell on Charlie Rose.

It’s no secret that one of the best Podcasts around is Marc Maron’s WTF. All of Marc’s interviews are pretty amazing, including his interview of President Obama. But when Marc interviews filmmakers you get an insight into the filmmaking process that is very unique. Here’s Adam’s interview for WTF. Enjoy.

A discussion of the source.

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