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Mobile Filmmaking: The Best Apps for Indie Filmmakers

The tools available for filmmakers to tell their stories has and continues to evolve. Very few of us who worked in the film industry 10 years ago ever thought we would see a day when you could grab a phone and start shooting a film, but here we are. Filmmakers now have an entire arsenal of tools to help make their lives easier. At almost every stage of film production there are apps that are making the filmmaking process leaner and meaner. If you aren’t taking advantage of apps in your indie feature, you are likely loosing valuable time and effort (and money) that you could be using on other parts of your film.

Here are my top 12 favorite apps.


12. Shot Lister

Shot Lister is the only truly professional shot list & scheduling app.Take that crumbled piece of paper out of your back pocket & touch the digital future of shot listing.


11. Easy Release

Release forms are a huge part of shooting. When all is said and done, you need to provide proof that everyone who appears on-camera in your film has signed a release form. This one little app can save your life and it makes release forms easier than ever.

Easy Release App

Easy Release App


10. Movie Slate

This is a simple application that performs the function of a digital slate — It’s super easy to use. Simply launch it, specify the production, director, camera, etc. and start shooting!


9. Sun Seeker

One of the most importan aspects of shooting outside is understanding where the sun is going to be. Through use of reflectors and shade you can create extremely powerful images. Using this app will allow you to know where the sun will be at all times of the day.

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8. Cinema Forms

If you have ever worked on a film, especially on the production end, you know it can be a paperwork nightmare. For those of us without an entire production team behind us this app gives you production worksheets, call sheets and legal forms so you can simplify your life. There is also a Pro version.

Cinema Forms App


7. Adobe Premiere Clip

You’ve made your experimental, stylish project on your phone, but don’t want the headache of uploading all that footage onto the desktop. Adobe have created a bitesize version of their editing juggernaut to give users the basics of video editing… and it’s FREE. Premiere Clip is also connected by Adobe’s Creative Cloud, so you can import the data into the flagship software.

Adobe Premier Clip App

Adobe Premier Clip App

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6. Celtx Script

One of the most popular screenwriting softwares on desktop, Celtx has brought everything that’s good about their desktop version to the App Store. This allows you to write perfectly formatted scripts right from your phone or tablet, as well as collaborating with others. You can also backup all your scripts for free.

Celtx Script

5. PowerDirector (Android)

CyberLink brings the multi-award winning PowerDirector from PC to Android tablets and mobiles! The most powerful video editor on the market, PowerDirector gives you the power to create amazing, awesome, engaging videos on-the-go. Import and edit videos, add effects and titles, and export HD video directly to Facebook or YouTube.

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4. Scripts Pro

Need to do some screenwriting away form your computer, no problem. Designed for film and television writing, Scripts Pro not only imports and exports your scripts, but can read all of your Final Draft, Celtx or similar formatted Text files. It is also easy to rearrange scenes and edit every aspect of your script with tab buttons and suggestion pop-ups. Fully integrated with iCloud, you can also upload all your scripts directly to Dropbox.

Scripts Pro App


3. Celtx Shots

As directors, we all know how nice it is to be able to storyboard a scene before you start shooting. There is nothing quite like it to give you peace of mind and show you how a scene will come together. Celtx Shots makes it easier for low budget filmmakers to quickly set up shots and see if a scene will work visually before it is ever shot.



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2. iMovie

With a streamlined design and intuitive Multi-Touch gestures, iMovie lets you enjoy your videos and tell stories like never before. Browse your video library, share favorite moments, create beautiful movies, and watch them on all your devices in iMovie Theater. And with the iMovie extension, it’s fast and fun to make every video more memorable — right in the Photos app.


1. Filmic Pro

FiLMiC Pro is the gold standard of mobile video and was recently used to film the Sundance hit “TANGERINE”.


Filmic Pro



The Best Apps for Indie Filmmakers

The Best Apps for Indie Filmmakers

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