The Maze Runner Starring Dylan O’Brien as Thomas and Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Newt

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I honestly wasn’t expecting The Maze Runner to be as entertaining as it was. The majority of the story is filled with pulse pounding action kept alive largely by the star-making performance of Dylan O’Brien.

In the beginning, we find ourselves quickly hoised up in a strange metal cage through a seemingly endless concrete hole. Suddenly the cage stops to reveal a group of about 50 young boys. They have created a fully functioning society within the barriers of a giant maze. At one end of the large wall, there is a rather innocent looking opening. But there is only one major rule…never go into the maze. At first O’Brien (who we later learn is named Thomas), doesn’t understand why they can’t go, but as the sun goes down, the gate closes. The only pepole allowed to go into the maze are known as the runners. They have the job of running inside of the maze to try and find a way out. If they don’t return in time, when the gate closes in the afternoon, they face certain death, which usually involves a giant robotic bug.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster, who you will probably know for Game of Thrones or, as I remember him, in Love Actually. He also does a great job playing the second in command Newt. Along with O’Brien, their acting is especially strong and Sangster’s accent definitely help give him a bit of a rough edge.

Everything about this movie keeps us wondering what is coming next. The acting is very natural and dialog is never cliche or campy. The movie doesn’t take any detours from its main story. Its really refreshing to see a movie that seems to have taken out any unnecesary scenes and trimmed out the fat. We are given just enough mystery to want to know more and to keep us hooked.

As the film approaches the finale, there are a few things that are wrapped up a little too quickly. I can only imagine things were explained better in the book. By now, with movies like The Hunger Games and Harry Potter, we have become accustomed to these teen series books not answering all of their central questions. And so it is with The Maze Runner that we are set up for the next book in the series.

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