You’ll Never Look at Game of Thrones the Same

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Visual Effects have become an intergral part of both film and television series. But it is amazing sometimes to realize that many of the things we thought were shot on set are actually generated in a computer. Case in point, I always knew Game of Thrones used CGI and compositing to create it’s world, but until I saw this visual fx reel from Mackevision, I had no idea just how much of what I was seeing was not actually shot live.

As filmmakers we now have some pretty incredible tools to make low budget features and take them to another level. One of the best examples of this can be found at Andrew Kramer’s Video Copilot. Just take a look through some of their After Effects tutorials to get a feel for all of the things you can do with very little prior training. Andrew’s tutorials are intended for the diy filmmaker to create their own visual fx.

Here is an older tutorial to give you a feel for the kinds of things they teach at Video Copilot.


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